Raw Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

I visited the Thermomix Forum and noticed a comment about the Cream of Cauliflower soup recipe in the Rawlicious recipe booklet. I had been thinking about steaming some cauliflower for my dinner but decided instead to make a raw cauliflower and carrot soup with avocado.


Recipe ingredients:
160g cauliflower
100g carrot
20g olive oil
20g lemon juice – half a lemon
Dash or two of shoyu sauce
Dribble of honey
375g water
Avocado chunks
Shallots chopped

Add the cauliflower, carrot, olive oil, lemon juice, shoyu sauce, honey and water into the Thermomix bowl. Process for 20 seconds on speed 8.
Warm the mix at 37 degs C for 4 minutes on speed 1.
Add avocado and shallots into serving bowls and pour the mix over the top.

I tasted the mix before adding the shoyu sauce and honey and felt that the lemon had contributed too much, but after adding these extra ingredients enjoyed this soup enough to eat the second bowl that the quantities provided. 
I might leave out the lemon juice, shoyu sauce and honey next time as carrot has such a sweet taste that I don’t need these additions. It turned out to be a slightly chunky soup as I had processed the mix on speed 8 rather than 10 which I was happy with.
I’m pleased that I made this soup as I have been mulling about eating more of my food raw. After trawling through the Rawlicious recipe booklet and moving on to playing with aspects of the 80/10/10 diet, I had gone back to cooking my dinners while including a cooked grain in my breakfast and a cooked legume in my lunch.
I recently watched the “Food Matters dvd which includes a focus on raw food. One of the speakers recommends 51% or more raw food each day saying that this quantity of raw food will mean that the body won’t react to the remaining amount of cooked food. I might already be at or above this percentage as I eat a fair amount of fruit earlier in the day. However the final comment that I noted from the dvd was that an 80% raw food diet is healthy.
Another comment that I was interested to hear was that two handfuls of raw cashews would give me the therapeutic equivalent of a dose of Prozac. I’ve never considered taking Prozac and prefer to stay away from taking heavy duty drugs. But the next time I’m feeling stressed, as I’m prone to be occasionally, I’ll dig into the cashew supply to check out this theory. Much better to eat nuts than go nuts!

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