Magnetic Hematite Bracelet

The spring cleaning has continued and for a few days it was justified, as we enjoyed temperatures 11 degrees C higher than the average which generally occurs during spring. In my culling I came across a magnetic bracelet that I had bought I can’t remember how many years ago. I put it on and have been wearing it on and off over the past few weeks.
I slept well some nights and not so well others, which led to me wondering what the difference was. I realised that the nights when I hadn’t slept so well were nights when I didn’t wear the bracelet during the night, while I enjoyed a refreshing night’s sleep when the bracelet remained as if glued to my wrist.
So the scientific part of me wanted to know if this was what really happened. I left the bracelet off and was then awake for at least an hour during the night. I kept the bracelet on and barely stirred during the night. I’ve found a web site that confirms that these bracelets provide more restful sleep.
I have worn necklaces sporting a hematite stone in the past as I wanted the grounding energy from the crystal. I’ve read on the internet that it also enhances inner peace which I’m happy to welcome into my life. The more I read about this crystal, the more impressed I become as hematite can also benefit our blood vessels.
My Mum has also had difficulties sleeping during the night and I found another magnetic hematite bracelet for her. It was only $5 which was a bargain, but with it being so economical I couldn’t help wondering whether it would do the same job. So naturally I had to test out this new bracelet.
I made sure it was magnetic by placing it near a small piece of metal and found all was well in that area. Since the bracelet is made of the crystal hematite, I sat it on an amethyst bed for a few hours to clear it of any energy it had taken on. Then I wore it during the afternoon and left it on during the night. I’m pleased to report that I had a good night’s sleep.
My Mum has been wearing her new bracelet for the past few nights and slept soundly each night. She’s amazed at the difference a bracelet can make.
I’m an eternal seeker of insomnia cures. I felt like I had found the Holy Grail when eating protein free dinners led to sound sleep, but this hasn’t stood the test of time. I’ve slept soundly for more than a week now simply by wearing this bracelet. The solution to an age-old problem has become crystal clear – well, to me at any rate.

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