Coconut Chicken

Uh-oh. I’m doing it again. The word “yum” just keeps coming to mind.
Some friends are coming around for lunch in a month’s time. I’ve mentioned the Thermomix occasionally and now they want to see it in action. But I was at a loss to know what to make as the main meal until I remembered this Coconut Chicken recipe from the Budget Busters booklet.
This time, there are no surprises. I’ve seen this recipe demonstrated at a Thermomix night and have sampled some with rice. But while being in the audience watching things up front certainly helped, it is different actually making it myself. For a start, just inhaling the combination of garlic, ginger and lemon grass as I proceeded through the recipe was enough to raise a “yum” without actually tasting anything.
Probably the only thing I did wrong was to use too much of the lemon grass stalk as some parts of it didn’t grind up very well at the beginning. But that’s the only complaint I have about my rendition of it particularly after enjoying the first serving, so it has made its way onto the menu for my friends. Now I just have to work out what comes before and after, which should be easy as I believe I already have loads of experience in making bread, dips and desserts.

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