Curry Sauce, Honey Soy Sesame Dressing, Fruit Nut Slice, Citrus Dressing and Raw Flax Crackers

This is catch up time. I’ve been checking through the list of recipes in the Rawlicious booklet and have noticed the Curry Sauce recipe from the Rawlicious booklet that I made a while back but haven’t yet mentioned in this blog. Fortunately I took a photo of it at the time.
I’m not sure why I didn’t post about it. I must have been a bit busy. But I certainly do remember cutting up the ginger, turmeric and galangal. The turmeric powder that I’ve used in the past seems to be a much deeper colour than the real thing, but that didn’t worry me as the combination of all three produced a very satisfying sauce that was all used up on my lunches over the next few days.
Yesterday I made the Honey Soy and Sesame Dressing recipe again from Rawlicious. This was easy to produce in just a few steps although I did vary it a bit by not including the raw chilli sauce because I finished that off a while back. I also didn’t include the rice bran oil as I didn’t have any on hand. Again today my lunch-time salad benefited from the lovely tangy taste. I even had some raw broad bean seeds on top which were a real treat.
I feel I’m on the downhill slide with only seven recipes remaining to try in the Rawlicious booklet. So I’ve been energetic late this afternoon and have tried two more recipes.
The Fruit and Nut Slice sounded appealing. I modified the recipe a little and just made a mix of soaked dates and almonds which were then rolled in sesame seeds. I really enjoyed this. I’ve found that I prefer simpler tastes and this isn’t too rich for me. Plus it was really easy to make. This is certainly a keeper.
Then dinner time came around and I started saying “yum” again just after the first spoonful. I made the Chilli Citrus Dressing although there was no raw chilli sauce for the same reason I gave a few paragraphs back – I finished it all some time back. However I faithfully used all the other ingredients and poured the dressing over some avocado, asparagus and zucchini. And the word “yum” just kept coming to mind. The only thing I’ll change next time – and there will be a next time – is to leave out the garlic. I’ve never really liked garlic and using it multiple times while toying with Rawlicious hasn’t changed my mind. I imagine there are lots of people who don’t agree with me but all I can say is “Vive la différence”.
So then I had five recipes left in the Rawlicious books and all of them require dehydration in some form. But as I looked at the instructions for each recipe, I realized that I had basically tried the Raw Flax (Linseed) Crackers as my earlier rendition used similar ingredients and was cooked at the temperature suggested in the recipe. So I consider that I now have four recipes to go.
The only problem is that I’m not ready to start playing with dehydration whether driven by electricity or solar. So I imagine I’ll hold off on the Buckwheat and Mushroom Quiche, the Ginger Pecan Cookies and the Muesli Bars until I’m ready. Now the remaining recipe is the Chocolate Mousse Tart which only needs some nuts to be soaked and then dehydrated. I reckon I’ll try it sooner rather than later and just not bother soaking/dehydrating the nuts
I’ve been marking off the recipes that I’ve completed from the Contents page on the inside cover of the Rawlicious booklet and would you believe the item I see placed on the inside back cover of this booklet? It is “Raw Recipes in other Thermomix Publications”. I already know that the Thermomix book “A Taste of Vegetarian” has some raw recipes but when I turn to the back cover I find 27 of them! The back cover also mentions that the Everyday Cooking along with the Gluten Free, Wheat Free Cooking books have raw recipes in them. This is all very helpful and I will appreciate it later on. I have said “yum” so many times. So I suspect that I’ll be back sooner rather than later as I want to compare any differences between the Rawlicious and Vegetarian recipes so I can work out which ones I’ll try. Plus I still need to prepare three meals a day and it is more fun trying new recipes. Wish me luck!

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