Brown Rice Buckwheat Pancakes and Cherry Juice

Wow, I really don’t need to buy brown rice flour anymore! I know, I know, I was told this before I even bought my Thermomix. Plus I’ve ground up some wheat or rye grain to mix in with the flour for my bread loaves so the Thermomix’s ability to mill grain into flour isn’t and shouldn’t be a surprise.
But there is a world of difference between knowing this and actually making some Brown Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes from milled brown rice and buckwheat grains within the Thermomix.
I’ve been making brown rice flour pikelets for years and since acquiring my Thermomix have often wondered about milling my own brown rice flour. But now I’m so pleased that I hadn’t reached the point of experimenting as this recipe provides a fail-safe process.
The recipe is in Thermomix’s “A Taste of Vegetarian” cookbook and it all worked perfectly. I’ve already sampled two pancakes while the rest are cooking. I varied the recipe by adding water to the milled brown rice and buckwheat groats and suspect the addition of ripe banana meant that I didn’t need to add an egg or any sugar. I’m very happy with this recipe and it has gone into my “keeper” list.

I have been playing with recipes over the past few days and I have had another success. This raw Cherry Soup recipe comes from the "Rawsome" book by Brigitte Mars, and my slightly modified form included pipped cherries, some soaked dates and water. I couldn’t decide whether I would prefer to drink it or eat it as a soup, so I “plated” it out into both forms and ended up drinking it from the glass. This “soup” recipe makes up a very nice juice, or would fit the bill for those looking for a nice, light raw soup as an entrée.

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