Dining In

What a day! Last Sunday, a few friends came over and I treated them to some Thermomix fare. But this wasn’t a standard luncheon. They had very kindly brought most of the ingredients needed, while I emulated a Thermomix consultant and made everything while they were here. Considering I’m not a consultant this was probably a big ask of myself, but fortunately I came through feeling pretty good about it afterwards.
A juice made from the simple combination of a pear and an apple with the stems taken out along with a handful of grapes and 400g of water made up a pleasant tasting juice and gave me my first thumbs up.
Then I started off basic bread using some rye grain and spelt flour which turned out to be perfect timing as it came out of the oven just before the main meal was ready. I was hoping that was how it would work out but since I didn’t go through a dry run of the entire menu beforehand I couldn’t be sure until the day.
Some hommus hit the spot, although it was suggested that adding some extra lemon juice would have worked out better.
Then basmati rice was steamed and stored in the thermo server until the coconut chicken was ready. Unfortunately I forgot to set the temperature for one step in the coconut chicken recipe. However this was easily rectified by repeating the step with all the correct settings. We all then enjoyed the meal with some of us going back for seconds or else for some extra juice.
One of the changes I made from a standard demonstration was to have the sorbet as the dessert. Last Sunday was a typical warm summer day and so mango sorbet went down very well. It was while we were eating the sorbet that I was hearing words like “impressive” and “superb”.
I remembered that I had one remaining beetroot and chocolate pudding in the freezer so I defrosted it during the lunch and we were able to finish off with a taste of this extraordinary pudding.
My friends enjoyed seeing everything made from scratch and they very kindly helped out with the food preparation. I felt pretty chuffed that it all went so smoothly and having been through it once I hope that next time I’ll be relaxed enough to let them “drive” occasionally if they would like to.


Thermomixer said...

Good work, there's always a job with Thermomix ;)

Not setting the temp/time combo just shows you're like many of the consultants - the last one I went to they forgot with the risotto until somebody thought to check how it was going - not !

Lucky you didn't demonstrate how to make a mess with the beetroot and choc puds.

Congrats on being game enough.

Tarah said...

Thanks, and yes I do know there's always a job... however I seem to be busy enough with my current role.

Fortunately I noticed that the temperature had dropped down to 37 so I could recover from it. I've done the same thing on my own sometimes but it sure feels different when others are around - although they were very understanding.

Actually I really would have liked to make the puds - I love to make a mess - but it would have taken too much time. I even thought of making the puds the night before and decided not to take on too much. I had enough with tidying up - particularly since I'd been out most of the day.

Again, thanks...

Chris said...

Tarah - you are an inspiration -keep it up!