Mushroom Chicken Cacciatore

I live opposite a park and have been envious when barbeque smells waft in my direction. Tonight I reckon my neighbours might have been thinking exactly the same thing about me. 
My brother has sometimes mentioned the meals that he makes for his family and they always sound great. After he had taken step by step photos of a Mushroom & Chicken Cacciatore meal, I couldn’t help asking if I could post his photos here. 
The recipe appeared in Courier Mail's Q-Weekend magazine and has since become unavailable. However, I have created a Thermomix version of this recipe which can be found here.
So here are my brother’s step-by-step photos…

Naturally I tried it out for myself and bought all of the major ingredients while substituting for some of the others. Dried Italian herbs catered for the dried oregano and fresh rosemary while the reduced quantity that I made with 360g chicken breast meant that 200ml dry white wine along with a teaspoon of stock concentrate was plenty for the dish. I had no tomato paste or capers in my fridge but plenty of tomatoes to fill the gap.
I was sold on this recipe just after I cooked the diced chicken as all the smaller bits had disappeared long before it was time to add them back into the pan.
So here is my version of this recipe… As I’ve said once or twice in the past, this one is a keeper!

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