Sweet Potato Soup

I’ve just been to see the movie “Julie and Julia and I really enjoyed it. I could relate to Julie wondering whether anyone was reading the blog and also her excitement at her first comment. While I recognize that working through 32 recipes in the Rawlicious booklet is nowhere near what Julie did by working through Julia’s book, the movie was certainly an inspiration.
So I arrive back home and realize that I have the appropriate ingredients in my refrigerator and the fruit and vege bowl to make the “Sweet Potato Soup” recipe in the book “Rawsome by Brigitte Mars.
I have a real difficulty. I keep making soups from red or orange coloured vegetables and then feel like it would be really boring if I were to post about it because the photo looks exactly like what I made last week or earlier.
But since last week has been mentioned, can I just show what I made a week ago… I had trolled through my palm computer trying to work out what I could make. Then I found ingredients for a savoury lentil recipe from the book “Recipes to the Rescue by Joan Bonner, Lindy Kingsmill and Suzanne Morrow. Admittedly, the recipe was for a cooked meal but that didn’t stop me trying to create a raw equivalent.
I just happened to have started sprouting some lentils the previous night. So I decided to be a bit different from the recipe and picked up celery and pumpkin, and processed these for 1 minute on speed 8 with onion and the sprouted lentils along with some stock made according to Thermomix’s Everyday Cookbook (which has been cooked) and a dash of tamari. Then I warmed the soup for 5 minutes at 37 degrees Celsius on speed 2. At the time, I felt that it wouldn’t be the same as the cooked variety of savoury lentils from the original recipe but it still tasted pretty good.
So as I was mentioning before I rudely interrupted myself, earlier tonight I made soup based on Rawsome’s “Sweet Potato Soup” recipe. I peeled and chopped a small sweet potato, a green apple, half a carrot and a cup of water along with a dessert spoon of Thermomix stock. I processed the mix in the Thermomix for 1 minute on speed 8 and then warmed it for 5 minutes on 37 degrees Celsius on speed 2.
And it was gooood… I think my sweet tooth might be showing through again. Thank goodness raw food recipes allow fruit!
I can see that these two soups look very similar but at least I know that different vegetables have gone into each of these.
What I'm realising is that I can combine any fruit and vegetables that appeal to me into a soup if I wish to eat out of a bowl - or into a juice if I'm happy to drink out of a glass. This feels so liberating!
But what is even better is that when I'm focusing on raw food, I generally don't start feeling light-headed from insufficient food. But when I'm looking for my more traditional meals from earlier this year or before, then I really notice how easily I run out of steam.
Hope nobody runs out of steam this week...


amcken3 said...

Thanks so much AGAIN for your raw recipes! Now I have a great collection of rawsome recipes to try when my Thermie arrives lol. YOUR THE BEST!!!

Tarah said...

Thanks again. You really are making my day!