Carrot and Avo Mash

Sometimes I look at a recipe and am not quite sure whether I would enjoy it. I thought this about the Carrot and Avo Mash recipe in the Rawlicious booklet, but now that I’m eating it I can’t understand why it took me so long to try it. The mash has a lovely light flavour which blends in very well with its capsicum shell.
A few of the Rawlicious recipes including this one use Dulce leaves. I looked around for the leaves and the best that I could find was handpicked, organic sun dried flakes which sounded pretty good to me. The best part about using Dulce is that it is a sea vegetable which means that I’ve added another dimension to my cuisine and I’m looking forward to dabbling further with sea vegetables in the future.
I’m on a countdown as this is now 21 recipes that I’ve made out of the 32 in the Rawlicious booklet. I’m already thinking about what I’ll focus on next. There’s a course on tomorrow that I can’t attend on making sourdough bread as well as sauerkraut, korean kimchi, fruit and nut ferment and a batch of fruit wine. I have made sourdough bread and fruit wine before but would be interested in refreshing my memory on making the sourdough bread as well as getting the starter. I dabbled with fruit wine for a little while until I decided that I was starting to enjoy it too much. The other items on the list sound really interesting especially the sauerkraut.
I’d also like to try some more Japanese cuisine. I’ve already dabbled with it by making miso soup – well, I made ramen soup which included miso – and also like the idea of raw fish which fits perfectly in a raw food regime.
Ah, so many options to consider.

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