Chocolate banana smoothie

I felt like making a smoothie and the Chocolate Banana Thickshake recipe in the Rawlicious booklet provided some inspiration.
Again I used some cacao nibs as that’s what I have in the cupboard and ground them with some nuts and added frozen banana and other items and made up a lovely creamy smoothie.
Then the next day I made up the same mix with slightly different quantities but this time didn’t get a chance to freeze the banana which didn't seem to affect the taste or consistency at all.
This is so easy to make that all I really need to do is keep a few basic ingredients in the fridge for the next time I need a smoothie fix.
I've just worked out that this is the 16th recipe that I've tried from the Rawlicious booklet, which means that I've now reached the halfway mark. All Rawlicious posts so far can be found here. It's a great feeling and I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of the recipes in the near future.

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