Beetroot and chocolate pudding

I have just made a mess of my Thermomix along with my dinner and my kitchen, and I don’t care. I found a neat recipe for a beetroot and chocolate pudding at Thermomixer's blog – admittedly not raw but that didn’t worry me as I decided long ago that I wouldn’t be 100% raw and had been on a little break for a few days.
So I started mixing everything together and wasn’t prepared for how well beetroot and chocolate would go together. The fingers got a lot of licking while this was being prepared, along with other more solid objects that I’d rather not admit… Just as well I was in trial mode!
Fortunately trial mode only happens once with every recipe and trial results never get offered to anyone near and dear… I just have such fond memories of being in my grandmother’s kitchen and being allowed to lick the spoon so I need to designate such a time for myself.
I decided the little pots could be steamed the same time that I steamed some vegetables for dinner. The recipe said that I didn’t need to clean out the Thermomix before I put the pots (and vegies) in for steaming. Perhaps that’s how my dinner got a little messy. Next time I’ll clean out the Thermomix if I want to steam vegetables as well.
Needless to say, my vegies were slightly flushed along with a delicate flavor – which I found absolutely charming. It was the residue from the steaming that made them look not quite right. However, in much the same way that I’ve scraped burnt toast, the vegetables looked pretty good after a little intervention.

Then I really enjoyed the beetroot and chocolate pudding. Who would have thought! It’s amazing how well the two main ingredients go together!
This is the first time I’ve used the Varoma, which is a big steaming basket that sits on top of the Thermomix and is very easy to use.
I still believe in being mostly raw. But I also accept that I need to cut myself some slack sometimes when a particular type of food beckons. And that’s happening right now. My grandmother used to make a lovely steamed plum pudding and I have often thought of making it but haven’t wanted to go through 2 plus hours of steaming on the stove. So I think there will be a few trial sessions – not that I’m complaining – working out how I can reproduce her recipe using the Varoma.

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