Charming thatches of gray have featured just above my ears for decades. I have even joked with my hairdresser about my free highlights. However, since turning 50 these points of interest seem to be spreading their joy.

My family and I have agreed that I am taking after my grandmother in many ways. Considering that her hair turned gray during her 50's, it is no surprise that gray strands are now mingling with my brunette locks.

My grandmother finally accepted the gray tinge after many years of dyeing her hair. I have often noticed women with their natural hair colour emerging along their part. Since two-toned hair is not my idea of a fashion statement, for the past month I have been trying a more natural method. 

Google has once again helped me in this endeavour. Many web pages praise the combination of rosemary and sage tea as an effective and natural hair colour option, with the added bonus of it being
an easy process.

Natural colour recipe ingredients:
1 tsp rosemary heaped
1 tsp sage heaped
boiling water

Put rosemary and sage herbs into a cup.
Fill cup with boiling water.
After the mix has cooled strain the liquid into a spray bottle.

Each morning for three weeks I sprayed the mix onto my hair and then after 10 minutes washed my hair normally. Now I just use the spray once or twice a week for maintenance.

Web pages suggest that the spray will only last for a week and should be kept in the fridge. However I am finding that it can last longer out of the fridge in these cooler months.

I am pleased with the results. If I finger through my hair I still see strands of gray, but after preparing my hair for the day the gray is barely there.

A herbal tea mix doesn’t provide the immediate fix that a salon can but I like the idea of using herbs in this way.  My thatched highlights might not be so visible now but how I’m handling this is more sustainable and satisfying.

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