Miracle wrinkle fix?

I know I’m only just over 50, but I have noticed a few wrinkles that seem to be settling too comfortably on my face. If I pull the skin surrounding my nose and mouth back towards my ears, I can see how cosmetic surgery came about. But I made a decision a while back that I wouldn’t do any unnecessary surgery, so a few nips and tucks around my facial orifices or on my forehead are out of the question.
Under normal circumstances I would decide to be comfortable with who I am no matter what. But the face is the piece of us first presented to others around us, and I suppose I’m the same as everyone else in wanting to present the best me possible, at least most of the time.
So I dabbled by rubbing Nui coconut oil into the questionable parts and when that wasn’t helping used moisturiser gifted by a friend. Application of the coconut oil seemed to soften one particularly deep-set wrinkle while the others seemed to be sitting on the sidelines watching. The moisturiser made incremental improvement.
I’ve played with various topics over the years including aromatherapy and growing herbs, so I have a few books on these topics in my bookshelves. When I flicked through “Fragrant Pharmacy” late last year, I found a reference to pawpaw being used as a facial mask. So whenever I ate pawpaw, I rubbed the inside flesh of a piece of pawpaw skin all over my face. It felt adequate as a face mask, but results didn’t eventuate.
Last week I flicked through the first edition of “The Herb Book” written by John Lust in 1974 and found a reference suggesting that “Egg-white mask, used as is or beaten, tightens and tones skin”...
Whenever I’ve cracked an egg throughout the past week, I’ve rubbed any remaining egg white onto my face. The first sensation is that my face feels tight which lasts for a little while and then disappears when I smile or move my face. I don’t mind the tight sensation disappearing as I’d rather my face be able to do what it does naturally. But what I’m noticing is that there are small changes in the wrinkles I’m concerned about.
I know I’m not the first one to notice the benefits of egg white. I’ve googled “egg white face mask” and have found a site supporting its use as a facial mask with some people suggesting that lemon juice or honey be added to the mix. A second web site supports the use of egg whites as a face mask while commenting that its use for tightening the skin provides a temporary fix. Even so, the slight changes I see when I use it are enough for me to continue with my experiment.
Now if I can just remember to use the remaining egg white or pawpaw skin on my face every time I have either at hand, then that truly would be a miracle!

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