The 80/10/10 Diet

I’ve almost finished reading the book “The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham and have trialed the diet today by eating according to the 80% carbohydrate, 10% fat and 10% protein rule.
I like this way of eating. I’ve had a sweet tooth since I was a young child and I’m finding that I have no noticeable sweet cravings when I eat a significant amount of fruit. Who would have thought it would be so easy to fix that problem!
If there’s any downside it is the huge volume of food that needs to be eaten from fruit and vegetable groups in order to fulfill the 80% carbohydrate requirement. Fortunately, it makes it easier that foods that we call vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers are actually fruits so they and others like zucchini and squash can be eaten as often as preferred. Greens are also very important for their mineral content and I need to ensure that I have a significant amount of greens each day.
So here is what I’ve had today:-
5 prunes
300g pears with 105g bananas
Morning tea
Rice Milk Cappuccino
190g pineapple, 75g tomato, 320g pears
100g bananas
170g pineapple and 180g grapes
135g pineapple, 180g cos lettuce, 150g tomatoes and 150g capsicum
This amounts to over 2kg of food which is a phenomenal amount for me, however, I must remember that this volume is replacing the bread, cooked grains, beans and chick peas that I have been eating.
I have tallied all of this on the Nutridiary web site which tells me that that the foods that I have eaten today fall within the 80/10/10 guidelines, even including the rice milk cappuccino. However, drinking the cappuccino has meant that what I have eaten today hasn’t been entirely raw.
I do wonder how I’ll go eating this way into the longer term. This week I ordered a fruit box from Food Connect rather than a combined vegetable and fruit box, and I placed additional orders for some lettuce and tomatoes. Next week I’ll do the same again and also request some celery and cucumber. But what I receive from Food Connect won’t keep me going the whole week so either I’ll need to buy extras from organic food stores or else increase the size of the fruit box. There will be heaps more food scraps going into my worm farm and I’m wondering whether it will get swamped.
But overall I feel pretty good after a day of following the 80/10/10 diet. And being 91% raw – it’s a pity about the cappuccino! It will be interesting to see if I lose interest in this daily habit of cappuccinos as I continue playing with eating this way.
I’m having lunch with friends tomorrow and will aim to have a salad but won’t be too worried about whatever I end up eating. I still consider that I’m transitioning into this way of eating and even if I adopt it as my preferred eating regime there will always be times when I lapse. However from what I’m reading, my body will let me know what it thinks about the lapse, so perhaps it won’t happen too often.


greenwarriors11 said...

hey! My names matt, i just stumbled across this blog on a random google search. I am curious to know how the diet went for you and whether you stuck to it? i personally am a big fan of it. thanks :)

Ann said...

Hi Matt. I was on 80/10/10 for a month and since then have been eating a high proportion of fruit each day and sometimes just fruit for a meal. I found it difficult to keep up with buying a lot of fruit. I can understand you being a big fan of it. It looked promising and at some stage in the future I might go back onto it for a while. Thanks for asking, Ann