Stir Fry

I know, I know. This looks unusual. I have just made this stir fry using some ingredients that I didn’t get to in the past week and adding in some that I have just received in today’s Food Connect box. I’m thinking that a stir fry on a Tuesday night might become a regular feature for exactly this purpose.
There are some fairly diverse ingredients in this stir fry (spot the one that is new to me)… onion, silverbeet, daikon, eggplant, green apple, avocado and homemade baked beans. This all worked out really nicely for my dinner.
Okay, I haven’t seen or heard of daikon before but fortunately I found a site that let me know that it is a substitute for radish. Now that might be a good thing for some people but I have never been enthusiastic about radish. But I did the brave thing and chomped on a sliver as I chopped it up for my meal. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a very strong taste and so I ate the sliver fairly easily although it still isn’t my favourite taste. However, it contributed to the meal along with the other ingredients.
The web site tells me that daikon can be used in just about any type of dish that, well, I can think of… Saute daikon along with carrot as a side dish, add to soups or stews, or else add to salads, coleslaw or smoothies. Ah! It has raw potential! I must remember that.
I’m starting to notice that Food Connect is going to continue introducing me to new foods in the same way that Rawlicious did, which I don’t see as a bad thing. Who knows – perhaps I might get to like daikon raw, and then it might be time to try radish again…

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Thermomixer said...

LOL - daikon is one of my favourites (next to beetroot ;) )

If you ever cook rice in the TMX, then they say that cooking the daikon in the rice water reduces the bitterness. Made it and served it with miso and lemon sauce, but haven;t written about it.

Grated (or better julienned daikon and radish and carrot mixed with vinegar and sugar solution and served with sesame seeds is a traditional New Year dish in Japan, called namasu


You can do it without the dashi and sake - google it.