Raw Chilli Sauce and Caribbean Pineapple Salsa

The Rawlicious recipe book had fallen open in my bag while I was buying some fruit and vegetables recently. The lady at the checkout blanched a little when she saw the title “Raw Chilli Sauce”. Perhaps that was a warning. While I have never really liked hot curries, always tending towards the milder ones in restaurants, this recipe was sure to test me.

And test me it did, along with the recipe Caribbean Pineapple Salsa.

Being a novice at buying chillies, I checked with the greengrocer to make sure that what I was selecting was mild. He mentioned that the green chillies were milder again than the red ones, but I decided to remain true to the recipe.

I also needed to buy some pineapple as it was included in both recipes. By good luck rather than design, I chose a golden pineapple and not all of the pineapple that I cut up ended in the sauce as it was so sweet. I rarely buy pineapples but am already rethinking this position.

The chilli sauce packed quite a punch but it turned out okay. I used a little on my salad along with some mandarin jam to help me acclimatize to the new taste sensation. It must have been okay because I happily finished off the last of the combined chilli and mandarin sauce at the end of the meal.

I used half a chilli in the salsa, and even then it still packed a punch but will go very nicely on my salads. Just for something different, last night I combined some of the salsa with some leftover ramen soup and I felt like I’d created a whole new dish.

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