Fig Puree and Sunflower Herb Pate

My breakfast generally consists of a cooked grain such as brown rice or quinoa, with some LSAP mix (pumpkin seeds ground in the Thermomix with the standard LSA ingredients of linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds), some soaked chia seeds and some fruit sliced on top. This is an adaption of the recipe "Breakfast Pudding" in the book "The Yeast Connection Cookbook".
I made some Fig Puree which has been a lovely addition to my breakfast. The puree includes dried figs soaked overnight in more liquid than I needed for the recipe. So I’ve ended up with a nice fruit drink as well.
The Sunflower Herb Pate was a real winner for me last night with its simple ingredients of soaked sunflower seeds, herbs and condiments. I was really impressed at how nice it tasted on some brown rice crackers – unfortunately not raw... As soon as I finished these, I promptly made another plateful that didn’t last long.
I’ve found that whenever I’ve attended a cooking class, I generally walk away with a few recipes that I continue to use into the future along with the many others that have been shown to us. And the same will be true for me with these recipes in the Rawlicious booklet. I can already see more than just a few that are keepers, which these two certainly are.

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