Favourite raw recipes

I googled “favourite raw recipe” and found some inspiration from others’ successes.

A lot of the ingredients of the Raw Creamy Zucchini Salad are what I often use in my own daily salad, but not necessarily in the same way. I tried a simple combination of some grated zucchini over sliced avocado together with a shallot, some lemon juice, salt and pepper, then added some green beans and a not so raw flax cracker, and it all tasted lovely.
Not that simple combinations are unknown to me. Mango and avocado are a long-time favourite of mine, which conjures up a familiar image of both sharing a plate with prawns and crusty bread. Tomato and cucumber salad or cabbage and apples both seem popular on Google. Next time I have a vegetable or fruit that I don’t know what to pair it with, I’ll google its name followed by “and” just to see what comes up.

And then it was time for desert again, which I didn’t mind.
I was intrigued when I found this Raw Shortbread Recipe. So I bought some Lucuma powder from Flannery’s. It’s not cheap at $25 for 250gm. The recipe is very vague about quantities so I decided to put roughly the same amount of each ingredient as a first pass. I used ½ cup almonds ground, 2 heaped tbsp lucuma powder and 2 heaped tbsp raw honey blended for about 10 seconds until the mixture started forming clumps. And it’s very nice and does remind me of shortbread with a tinge of apricot in it. It would be interesting to find the original fruit that the powder is made from. It was an easy dish to make, particularly since I just rolled the balls as I took the mix out of the Thermomix and placed them straight into a Pyrex container.
And then the pièce de résistance…
The little pies are truly decadent and well worth making. I might experiment a little with the crust, but won’t change anything with the filling as it was very nice. I'll be making this for friends or family next time I need to take a dish.
Despite having a sweet tooth, my favourite out of these three recipes is the avocado and zucchini salad. I am starting to find some deserts to be a little too rich for me. Perhaps the more I delve into raw eating, the more my taste buds are acclimatizing to simpler fare.

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