Carrot Ginger Soup and Apricot Butter

I think I’m a sucker for a sweet taste. Perhaps every meal I eat should have some fruit in it – which would be bliss! Hang on, I think I’m doing that right now. Piece of fruit with a cooked grain for breakfast. Some mandarin or strawberry jam with my salad at lunch. And in the past month as I’ve played with raw food, a piece of fruit merged in with dinner.
And this Carrot Ginger Soup made from a Rawlicious recipe certainly fits the bill with the inclusion of a green apple to the obvious ingredients from its title. I added some water to give it a more familiar consistency and heated it to 37 degrees Celsius and my palate enjoyed it immensely.

Then it was dessert time the next day with Apricot Butter again from the Rawlicious recipe booklet, which went very well with both my breakfast and salad at lunch time.

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