Dairy free icing

My nephew and his girlfriend visited a few days back for morning tea. Since they’re both vegetarian, I couldn’t offer pate so I thought about making mini-muffins remembering a suggestion from my sister that the muffins would be nice if there was icing on top.
As I don’t tolerate butter very well, I googled “dairy free icing” and found lots of entries using margarine, soy or light corn syrup as the binding agent. As I feel doubtful about each of these, I decided to experiment and was successful on my second attempt.

Recipe ingredients:
80gm cashews
80gm rapadura sugar
Optional: few drops of almond essence

Grind cashews and rapadura sugar for 10 to 20 seconds on speed 7 in the Thermomix. Add a tablespoon of water and blend the mix for a few seconds on speed 5 until the required consistency is reached.

The next day, we all enjoyed the little muffins with icing, along with some cheese and biscuits, so it worked out nicely. I don’t tolerate most cheeses, but find that I can have small amounts of Jarlsberg cheese. I made cashew milk cappuccinos by grinding cashews, adding water and blending/heating the cashew milk – all in the Thermomix – and then adding it to some very strong plunger coffee.
I mentioned my icing experiment to my sister and she tried it, adding a third step of blending in half a dozen strawberries to the mix. Since she was preparing this for a function where being dairy free wasn’t so important, she also added a little butter. I got to try her version the following night and it tasted very nice as well. It’s a simple recipe that can be easily adapted by using other nuts and essences, or adding fruit

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